Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tutorial-Windows XP Activation

Start Menu---> Run ---> Regedit
Hkey_Local_Machine---> Software--->Microsoft--->Windows Nt ---> CurrenVersion
--->WPAEvent--->Right Click at OOBeTimer--->Click Modify ---> Change from FF to 00
Then Click OK.

Go to Run and type this

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a

Activate by Phone Call

Change key

use this key 



Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Account Has Been Disable Please See Your System Administrator Windows 7

This is comman problem with Windows 7 either using Original Software or Pirate Software, below is the guide to solved the problem. This guide is only practice and working with windows 7 .

Try this 1, 

To go "Safe Mode" and follow these instructions. 

1) Right click on "My Computer"-----> click on "Manage"--> "Computer 

Management" Window will be opened. 

2) At left side double click on "Local Users and Groups" ----> under it, click on 

"Users"---->Now at the right click you can find all the users. 

3) Now select your user and right click on it----->Select "Properties"---->then 

uncheck the checkbox "Account is disabled". (Note: if account is locked option 

is also selected, then uncheck that option also) 

Then Click on OK--->close the computer management window 

4) Restart your PC and try to login in normal mode.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cara Buat Pendrive Untuk Setup Windows XP/Vista/7/etc

Cara Buat Pendrive Untuk Setup Windows XP/Vista/7/etc

Macam mana nak buat pendrive setup Windows tu??

Tak susah. Memang mudah macam makan kacang hehehehe.. tapi  kenapa nak setup guna pendrive?

Ooooh... netbook tak ada CD/DVD drive yer. Memanglah. Kalau nak setup Windows kena ada CD drive. Kalau nak setup Windows 7 pulak kena ada DVD drive pasal Windows 7 ni file dia besar, dekat-dekat 4 GB.

Walaupun apa yang aku nak tunjukkan ni sebenarnya adalah cara buat pendrive setup Windows, tapi kena ada juga PC atau komputer lain yang mempunyai CD/DVD drive untuk memindahkan fail-fail dari CD/DVD Windows original tu untuk dipindahkan ke dalam pen drive.

Pilihan kedua, pinjam komputer kawan yang ada CD/DVD drive.

Pilihan ketiga, kalau dah tak ada juga komputer yang ada CD/DVD, ialah download image file Windows (ISO) dari internet (pandai-pandailah nak download dari mana..)
Netbook tak ada CD/DVD drive

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan:

1. Win2Flash - software ni free. Boleh download dari website dia. Ada banyak software yang boleh guna. Tapi aku pilih Win2Flash ni pasal dia free. Satu lagi software yang aku suka guna ialah FlashBoot. Flashboot ni memang bagus sebab semua jenis CD yang boleh boot-up, dia boleh transfer masuk pendrive. Sebab tu dia tak free.

2. Source - CD/DVD Windows atau image file .iso windows

Cara-cara memasak:
1. Mula-mula kena masukkan source CD/DVD dalam cd drive. Kalau guna ISO file, mount dulu fail tu dalam virtual cd drive. (Nak mount boleh guna MagicDisk. MagicDisk ni free. Guna dia untuk buat virtual cd drive untuk mount image file.)
2. Run Win2Flash, guna wizard sahaja untuk cara mudah. Eh, tak reti pulak aku nak mengarang benda yang simple-simple ni. Tengok ajer gambar bawah, cara-cara dia dari mula sampai siap.
1.Bila run jer Win2Flash, terus keluar ini.

2. next

3. Pilih source dan destination. Aku punya CD/DVD Drive kat G.
Pendrive aku plak kat drive J.

4. Kena aggree dulu.

5. Warning. Bila klik OK, dia akan format pendrive.
Pastikan pendrive tu tak ada data-data penting.

6. Kenu tunggu. Jenuh gak. Kalau Windows XP, dalam 15 minit siaplah.
Kalau Windows 7 aku tak pasti pulak.. 30 minit kot.

7. Dah siaplah ni.

8. Pesanan terakhir.
Bila dah siap pendrive ni, untuk boot guna pendrive. Kena tekan F12 masa tengah start komputer tu untuk pilih boot guna apa. Pilihla boot guna USB/Flash. Kalau tak boleh guna F12, kena set kat dalam BIOS terlebih dahulu.

Bila dah boleh boot-up guna pendrive, ikut sahaja cara-cara yang sama seperti setup Windows guna CD.


Baru-baru ni aku terjumpa seorang orang menjual USB/Pen drive yang berisi Windows setup file. Boleh tahan pandai gak dia buat duit yer. Aku yang dah lama tahu buat benda ni, tak terfikir langsung untuk jual pendrive. Sebab tu orang cakap, tak semua orang dilahirkan untuk berniaga. Orang berniaga ni fikiran dia memang lain, kena kreatif.. Ada saja cara untuk buat duit. Orang lain tak terfikir langsung idea tu, tapi dia boleh pulak buat.

Tapi yang slacknya, dia edarkan Windows illegal(pirate). Dia buat alasan, dia cuma jual pendrive, bukan jual Windows. Betul memang betul, dia cuma mark up sikit jer dari pada harga asal pendrive tu. Tapi mengedarkan Windows pirate kan ke illegal... betul tak? Sepatutnya, dia juallah sekali dengan Original Windows. Buat satu pakage Original Windows berserta pendrive berisi Windows setup. Barulah betul. Tapi harga.... kekeke sendiri mahu ingatlah...

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to fix Blue Screen of Death?

Works on Other Laptops Too

This method is applicable to any laptop that’s facing a blue-screen error at any point of windows startup.

What is it?

As you probably know that blue screen error happens for various reasons and many of them are unknown to normal users who don’t get too deep in this computer thing.

If you just open your computer and work for few hours (minutes) regarding typing, managing data sheets, content management or even just enjoy your time on the web, there is no way you’d come across the reasons behind a blue-screen error.

The screen would just turn blue, show you that ‘the system has experienced some problems and needs to shut down’ and would dump some garbage data, which would just pass over your head leaving you utterly annoyed and confused as to what just happened.

Dell Inspiron 15R Blue Screen Error
Dell Inspiron 15R Blue Screen Error
Source: KK

Hard Disk May Also Cause Blue-Screen Error

Right now, I’ll be talking about blue-screen error that is caused by a new hard-diskin new laptops and for this article; I’ll be specific with Dell Inspiron 15r N5010because I have recently fixed blue-screen error that was being caused by Western Digital hard disk in this laptop.

How to know the Reason?

The best way to find out the reason is to turn the system on in ‘safe mode’. Safe mode will only load necessary drivers for your system to work.

While running your system in Safe Mode you’ll lose Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,3G (if supported) and any richgraphics. You can work on the internet, if you choose Safe Mode with Networking.

To start your Inspiron 15r (and other) in safe mode, press F8 (it’s kind of universal, but don’t bet on it) at boot screen.

If for some reason you fail to invoke the advanced start-up options screen (by F8), quickly restart your system via turning the power off by power button.

Diagnosis Check will tell you Hard Disk Failure, if any!

Press F12 (for Inspiron 15r, ESC in many others) to enable boot options. You’ll see several boot options like CD/DVD, Hard Disk, LAN, USB Drive (if connected) and Diagnosis (there might be more depending on model and bios).

This diagnosis check will tell you if your hard disk is accessible or not. It will check your processors and RAM as well, so, you might want to let it run till it is complete. It takes 35 minutes if you include RAM check, otherwise, only 5 minutes.

Fixing the Error

How to Fix Blue-Screen Error?

If you can work in safe mode then there is nothing wrong with your Hard Disk and you just have to uninstall your graphics driver (most of the time, it is the main cause) and reinstall it.

However, if you can’t even get to that phase and are cut when waiting for the drivers to load, then your hard disk has failed to start the OS and you need to ‘Format’ your disk and reinstall your OS.

There is one more problem in blue-screen error, sometimes a faulty HDD will not let you install a new OS even if you boot from a DVD or USB drive or LAN for that matter. The system will show a blue-screen, dumb some garbage data collected while the OS was installing and shut down.

In this case, your best bet is to connect your entire hard disk to another computer as a USB storage device.

You are quite aware of the fact that current hard disks are plug and play ready and there is no format required when you connect it to your ‘other system’. That’s why; you don’t have to worry about losing your data. In fact, this method will enable you to backup your important data.

Finally Format your Root Drive

That’s right; you don’t have to format all drives. Once you connect your laptop’s hard disk to your other system, all the drives will pop-up one by one, just have a little patience.

You can format your faulty root drive from Windows context menu or from Command Prompt, you can perform a quick format with context menu (as well as complete) and a full (not quick) format by Command Prompt.

Don’t get confused when several drives popup in your My Computer window, naming your drives accordingly is a good idea to avoid any confusing situations.

Once you are done formatting and backing up your data, you can reinstall your hard disk in your laptop and reinstall an operating system with DVD, USB drive or LAN, as you wish.

Remember, you don’t have to do this every time you see a blue-screen error. Sometimes blue-screen error occurs for some very stupid reasons (even a simplerestart can fix it) and it’s a nice practice to have an earlier image of your clean OS somewhere (on a DVD), so that, if the problem is only related to some software or driver, you can easily fix it without going through all the trouble of opening your laptop and messing up with the warranty.

Even then, the method said above is super easy and fixes the problem without the help of a technician and saves you heck lot of time.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How to remove xphost.exe?

It happen when i want to help someone that already die on excident to remove her facebook. Then i try search on google on how to hack or find a password of facebook. I found result software that can get a password which name is facebook password finder. When i tried download from internet facebook password finder and install, suddenly c:/xml/xphost.exe created. This file also known as a virus and is not too easy to remove, if we try to delete it, it will comeout again and again. To remove it we need to install Malwarebyte into computer and make a scan and remove it. Once we restart pc after scan, that virus will be delete forever. Thanks to Malwarebyte that help me a lot.