Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Account Has Been Disable Please See Your System Administrator Windows 7

This is comman problem with Windows 7 either using Original Software or Pirate Software, below is the guide to solved the problem. This guide is only practice and working with windows 7 .

Try this 1, 

To go "Safe Mode" and follow these instructions. 

1) Right click on "My Computer"-----> click on "Manage"--> "Computer 

Management" Window will be opened. 

2) At left side double click on "Local Users and Groups" ----> under it, click on 

"Users"---->Now at the right click you can find all the users. 

3) Now select your user and right click on it----->Select "Properties"---->then 

uncheck the checkbox "Account is disabled". (Note: if account is locked option 

is also selected, then uncheck that option also) 

Then Click on OK--->close the computer management window 

4) Restart your PC and try to login in normal mode.